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Attorney James Gahring Gault is committed to providing exceptional legal representation to all clients. With over 20 years of legal experience, Attorney Gault has the know-how and expertise to properly assess a case, determine the best course of action, and diligently work toward the desired legal end.

Advocacy & Compassion

Mindful that effective legal representation requires both advocacy and compassion, Attorney Gault focuses on each client’s specific needs while protecting his or her rights. We do not treat our clients as just another file, or case number, or a source of billable hours. Attorney Gault recognizes that each client deserves to be valued as an individual, and treats each client accordingly – with the utmost respect and the greatest of care and personal attention.

Free Phone Consultations & Reasonable Hourly Rates

The Law Offices of James Gahring Gault provides FREE phone consultations to those seeking legal counsel. Additionally, our hourly rates are fair and affordable. We encourage prospective clients to compare our hourly rates to the fees charged by other law firms in the area. Our hourly rates are usually one-half to one-third LESS than the rates quoted by other regional law firms!

Your Convenience Always in Mind

Located at 31 West Courtland Street in downtown Bel Air, our office is conveniently located adjacent to the Harford County Circuit Court. It is also situated diagonally across from the nearby parking lot of the District Court of Maryland. Parking is available in the nearby “Bond/Thomas Street” municipal parking lot.

For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards.

Trusted Legal Counsel and Family Law Specialist

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Reaching an attorney has never been easier.  The Law Offices of James Gahring Gault welcomes email communications from those in need of legal counsel.  Email us regarding your legal matter at jgg@gaultlawoffices.com or simply use our online contact form.

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The trusted legal counsel of Attorney Gault is only a phone call away.  To seek legal advice, to retain legal counsel, or to simply ask a question, please call our office at (410) 638-2600.  Our office provides free consultations and reasonable rates.  Call today!  

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Our legal office is conveniently located in the heart of Bel Air, Maryland.  If you wish to discuss your legal matter in-person, office hours are available by appointment.  Please call, email, or use our online contact form to schedule your appointment.